since 1974

drukotrap® - level-controlled condensate drain valve

with pneumatic steering



after installation at the cyclon, tank or dryer
is in the case (1) the system pressure.
The pressure is leaded trough the filter (3) and
the pilot valve (4) onto the membran (5).
The drain valve is closed.


The Condensate goess into the case (1). The
swimmer (2) goes up and controls the pilot
valve (4).

The pilot valve is a mechanical
controlled 3/2- way-valve, it isn´t in
contact with the condensate and
get dirty.

The pilot valve (4) relieves the perssure
chamber above the membrane (5). The
pressure of the condensate lifts the membrane
and the condensate was pressed through the
outlet (6).

The Condensate level inside the case (1) sinks,
the swimmer (2) too and swiches the pilot
valve (4). Compressed air is leaded onto the
membrane, the drain valve is closed now again!


When pressing the test.button (7), the pressure
chamber above the membrane is getting
relieved. As discribted above, the drain valve
opens, and stays open as long as the
test-button is pressed.
------  ------