since 1974

drukomat® plus - the new range


flow diagram:

  1. Condensate feed is possible both under pressure and

    The condensate is feed from the compressor,or the tank, or the
    dryer if possible with pressure.
    (4 connections R 1/2´´)

  2. Chamber for expansions and de-airation with charcoal
    filter to exhaust air

    This expansion and de-airation chamber assures a chalm surface
    in the separator, even if the condensate is fed under pressure.
    The activated charcoal filter eleminates the oil from the exhaust air.

  3. Collecting chamber
    Here a first force of gravity separation of oil and water occurs.

  4. NEW: preko-Filter - selfcleaning

  5. Setting and floating chamber

  6. End stage filter

  7. Water discharge
    The remaning oil content of the water discharged is less than
    10 mg/ltr. if the equipment is correctly dimensioned. This water can
    be discharged directly into the sewers.

  8. Test valve
    The test valve permits very simply to take discharge water samples.

  9. Oil-collect tank with overflow safe-guard

  10. Testset
    Check-glass and oil-test-paper to control the condensate easily.
    (Regular control through the operator)

  11. Document department
    Opersating instructions as weil as the "Check- and Maintanence
    Book" are at the fingertips at all times.

  12. Level- / Filter-control (optional)
    a) level-switch with powerless contact
    b) complete batery charged unit with signal-light and
        contact for remote control.

  13. Heater (optional)

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