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general information:

flow diagram:

The production of compressed air always
also generates condensate water.
The amount of condensate depends of the size
and the number of operating hours of the com-
pressor and can be 10 or 10.000 mg oil per month.

Such condensate water from oil-lubricated com-
pressors may contain up to 2.000 mg oil per liter.

Environmental protection legislation requires
alredy, or shall soon require condensate water
to be cleaned from oil before discharging it into
the public sewage system. in countries with such
legislation for Water Recources Conservation, the
limit-value is set at 20 mg oil per liter of condensate

If the condensate is not to be oil-free,
it must be collected and discharged by an especially
licensed company!

The drukosep® removes the oil form the condensate
water quite reliable. It does so by way of flowing water
is redirected an calmed down, plus a series arrangement
of coalescence- and activated carbon filters.

The condensate water is now so clean, that it can be
discharged into the public sewage system.
The oil is beiing collected in an oil-Container and can be
taken care separately.

Please see the flow chart and the table "technical
data" for further informations.
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